Enrolment & Health Form

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  10. Please check if you have any of the following conditions or injuries:
  11. Major injuries:
  13. If you have an injury or health condition, please check with your healthcare practitioner that yoga is appropriate for your condition & advise the teacher of any recommendations or restrictions.
  14. Always advise of any new injury or health condition before class commences.
  15. While the utmost care will be taken to guide you with safe & clear instructions, you must take responsibility for your body by:
  16. - moving slowly with awareness & respecting your body’s limitations
  17. - immediately stopping & informing the teacher if a position or movement is uncomfortable, painful, or just doesn’t feel right, or if you don’t understand the instructions
  18. As every body is different, not all poses are appropriate for every person at a given time. Instructions are to be used as a guide only. Please listen to what your body is telling you & ask for assistance if in doubt.
  19. All poses are optional & can be modified by the teacher to suit your individual needs.
  20. A light snack may be eaten 1 hour before class, but it is preferable to leave a few hours between a full meal & yoga practice. You may like to bring water to sip on.
  21. By submitting this form you indicate that you have read & understood these recommendations.

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